Steel industry

The end result of the manufacturing process in the rolling mills relies to a great extent on the roll performance which is secured by a high standard roll maintenance operation. Achieving desired roll shape and required utilization rate will enhance the mill production performance and end product quality.

A roll grinding process that is reliable and efficient, and controlled by state-of-the-art and easy-to-use technology will enhance the roll maintenance which, in turn, will enable a stable production flow in the mill.

Customized roll shop upgrade solutions and services for the steel industry

RollResearch specializes in modernization and servicing of major roll shop machinery in the steel industry. Starting the operation since early 90s’, the company has focused on upgrading roll grinding machine with its own advanced measuring technology as well as other machine tools, such as roll lathes and milling machine.

Roll measurement technology

Taking advantage of RollResearch’s high precision measurement and grinding solutions will facilitate the steel mill to improve process efficiency and reliability as well as end product quality. Shortening of the grinding cycle is made possible through the latest developments in grinding solution software.

Our state-of-the-art measuring devices are decicated to meet the demanding requirements for roll shape and surface quality. There are several options for different production requirements and customer needs.

Fully automatic on-line roll measuring device HYBRID ARMD2-ONLINE

  • Fully automatic, motorized movements
  • Installed on Z-carriage.
  • 2 measuring arms in tilted position
  • On-line measurement during grinding.
  • Optional crack and bruise detection.
  • High accuracy.

      Applicable for grinders:

  • Most old steel mill roll grinders.
Reference case

Fully automatic on-line roll measuring device HYBRID ARMD2-ONLINE device installed on an old Waldrich Siegen roll grinder. The revamped roll grinder is now featured with,

  • Hybrid GrindControl 3D
  • New eddy-current crack detecting device

Fully automatic roll measuring device HYBRID ARMD2-CP

  • Fully automatic, motorized movements
  • Measuring device is mounted on X-carriage.
  • 2 measuring arms
  • Measurement in horizontal position.
  • On-line diameter measurement by one sensor, wheel side sensor is turned up during grinding

Applicable for grinders:

  • Old Waldrich grinders or other similar type grinding machine without measuring system.

Reference case

Fully automatic Roll Measuring Device HYBRID ARMD2-CP measuring device installed on an old Innse roll grinder. The revamped roll grinder is now featured with,

  • Hybrid GrindControl 3D
  • New Siemens Sinumerik 840D CNC
  • New Siemens Simatic S7 PLC system
  • Mechanical overhaul