Measurement and detection

Integrated roll measurement system for grinding machines

RollResearch provides high precision measurement devices, both on-line and off-line. Measurement systems are available for the paper industry, steel industry and non-ferrous metals industries applications.

HYBRID FD™ flaw detection device

Hybrid FD is designed to detect roll flaws with eddy current and ultrasonic sensors. Detecting flaws early will reduce risk for roll spalling and damage during production.


Hybrid FD auto-calibration feature reduces the need for service breaks. Calibration is carried out automatically before each measurement.

Online and Offline operation

Hybrid FD technology can work both offline and online. Measuring head will be in line with the grinding wheel, allowing online flaw detection.


Hybrid FD technology can be customized to operate on all types of grinding machines and rolls.


Inspection report can be tailored according to the customer requirements.