RollResearch International Ltd.

RollResearch International Ltd. is a single source provider of high-tech roll measuring and control systems for the paper, steel and non-ferrous metals industries worldwide. RollResearch mission is to develop and supply expertise that will allow the mills enhance their production through improving the roll maintenance function.

The operation of RollResearch highlights the fundamental element behind the company’s competitiveness: customer focus – good customer service, innovative product development deriving from end user demands and from university research projects.



3D-Grinding™ technology

The cutting-edge grinding technology combined with four-point measuring technology.


Dedicated and reliable partner for guaranteed roll performance

A partner for demanding production processes require extreme precision, reliability and ensured capacity.


Automation control and measuring technology

The widest technological know-how in automation and mechanics in our field

RollResearch has dedicated to develop roll measuring and grinding control technology, which leads to the innovative 3D Grinding™

Where demanding production processes require extreme precision, reliability and ensured capacity, you need a partner that knows roll grinding and can deliver results.

For years RollResearch has dedicated to develop roll measuring and grinding control technology, which leads to the innovative 3D Grinding™ Technology to help customers in Paper Industry and other geometry demanding industries to achieve high precision roll shape in grinding production.

For us, continuous improvement is not only important but it defines our culture and behaviour. Lean is the overarching management methodology that provides the framework within which we operate.

Benefits of partnering with RollResearch

RollResearch has a track record of being a reliable partner for improving both the productivity of the roll shop and the performance of rolls in the production line. When demanding production processes require precision, reliability and capacity, RollResearch will deliver results.

  • Open cooperation with an experienced and committed partner
  • Continuous innovations in technologies, products and services to address development of future process needs
  • Expert support and services available throughout plant lifecycle
  • Products and services with tangible benefits
    • Better runnability
    • Improved accuracy and end product quality
    • Improved operational reliability
    • Measurable savings through reduced grinding time and extended grinding

Siemens Solution Partner

RollResearch International Ltd. is a certified member of the International Solution Partner Program of Siemens Corporation. Siemens provides training and support to companies accepted into the program with the aim of guaranteeing high-quality projects for end customers using Siemens products and components. Certified Partners operate responsibly, ensuring good local service, high quality and knowhow. A certified Solution Partner can be identified by the Solution Partner -logo.

Our history


Aalto University

RollResearch was founded by researchers from the Department of Machine Design in Aalto University (former Helsinki University of Technology) in 1994.


Leading supplier

Since then it has established itself as a leading supplier for the paper, steel and not-ferrous metals industries.