Herkules Grinder used in Copper Industry
Grinding Machines in a steel mill
Farrel grinding machine in Paper Industry
Wadrich Siegen grinders in Paper Industry
Wadrich Siegen grinder in Paper Industry
Wadrich Siegen grinder in Steel Industry
Xianfeng grinder in Paper Industry

Integrated roll measurement system for grinding machines

RollResearch provides high precision measurement devices, both on-line and off-line. Measurement systems are available for the paper industry, steel industry and non-ferrous metals industries applications.


HYBRID FD™ flaw detection device

Hybrid FD is designed to detect roll flaws with eddy current and ultrasonic sensors. Detecting flaws early will reduce risk for roll spalling and damage during production.


Hybrid FD auto-calibration feature reduces the need for service breaks. Calibration is carried out automatically before each measurement.

Online and Offline operation

Hybrid FD technology can work both offline and online. Measuring head will be in line with the grinding wheel, allowing online flaw detection.


Hybrid FD technology can be customized to operate on all types of grinding machines and rolls.


Inspection report can be tailored according to the customer requirements.

Given the expertise and experience in modernization of roll shop machine tools, RollResearch is able to help its customers to find a suitable second hand machine for development. In fact, RollResearch is continuously searching for idled machines to be reconditioned with today's technology.

  1. Measurement service
  2. Mechanical service
  3. On-site training
  4. Service agreements

RollResearch can provide measurement services upon customer request for roll grinding machine or other machinery in the roll shop. Typical measurement service covers:

  • Machine bed guideway straightness measurement
  • Lubrication pressure measurement of hydraustatic guideway
  • Inspection of hydraustatic grinding wheel spindle condition
  • Backlash checking of axes

 Measurement service



RollResearch has a dedicated team to troubleshoot and service the customers' machine mechanics.A variety of services are available, including,

  • re-alignment of guideways
  • re-scraping of guideways
  • mechanical adjustments
  • replacement of wear and tear parts, original or own-design (if not availbe from the market)
  • machine dismantling and re-assembly supervision

 Mechanical service

With RollResearch modernization projects training for operators and maintenance personnel is provided on site at the customer's convineance. 


During the warranty period RollResearch will provide for the customer an extensive service package including,

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Teleservice with agreed response time. 
  • Software updates
  • Calibration of measurement and detection devices


Remote service

Spare part packages are available in conjunction with machine tool modernization projects. They can include both electrical and mechanical parts. 

RollResearch can provide engineered replacement parts, i.e., hydraustatic grinding wheel spindle, dressing station and steady rests. 

RollResearch delivered measurement and detection equipment is supported with a full range of sparts. 

Highly customized project offering for machine tool reconditioning, retrofitting and mondernization

Existing roll shop machines can be modernized to meet with today's operational and quality requirements. In this chanlleging environment, RollResearch has carried out a number of extensive modernization projects for roll grinding machines, lathes, multicore drilling machines, balancing machines and milling machines


When customer wishes to restore its old in-use machine tools in the roll shop to their original or even better condition, or buys a second-hand machine tool for its roll shop, RollResearch is here to provide its custmers a cost effective solution for such demand.

The extent of a modernization project will be determined through an on-site inspection. Based on a thorough analysis of the condition and potential of the machine tool in question, for example,

The optimum scope will be put together and quote submitted accordingly. Elements of the RollResearch offering are listed in the chart A-E, below.

Letter A


required before delivery of C or D

  1. CNC Sinumerik 840 D sl
  2. PLC Simatic S7-300
  3. Operator interface using Windows® software

Letter B


  1. New axis servo motors and drives
  2. New spindle motors and drives
  3. Complete electrical modernization
  • 1, 2, all motors, new main electrical cabinet, new cabling and cable chains (sensors, limit switches and peripheral motors determined by case)
  • 1,2 and 3 carried out in existing main electrical cabinet

Lear more about Siemens drive technology...

Letter C


  1. Fully automatic roll measuring device

2. Manual roll measuring device

  • Paper industry: 4-point measurement

Letter D


Need for attachment devices, e.g.

The requirements of phases A-D determined case by case.

Letter E


need determined case by case

  1. Re-scraping of guideways
  2. Replacement of worn parts
  3. Lubrication system modernization

For more information or request an engineering visit by our specialists, please contact us!

New CEO appointed

Tuomas Nurminen has been appointed as our new CEO effective from Jan 9, 2018.

German eddy-current NDT technology used by RollResearch

RollResearch is proud to announce the use of an eddy current measurement instrument (inspECT®) from Fraunhofer Institut für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfverfahren IZFP (Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing) in its Hybrid FDTM flaw detection device. The decision to use inspECT® was the result of a thorough evaluation process in which the best instrument was selected.

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CIPTE 2017, Shenzhen, Chinalogo cipte

China International Paper Technology Exhibition and Conference (CIPTE) 2017 will be held in Shenzhen, China from 13/09/2017 to 15/09/2017 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

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Emphasis on Internet of Things (IoT)

TEKES, The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation has awarded RollResearch with funding of an IoT development project within roll maintenance in steel mills. The funds were allocated from a special DigiBoost Fund available to companies exploring new ways of doing business utilizing various digital platforms and tools.

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Method proven

The roll measurement method developed and used by RollResearch was scientifically investigated and verified by Aalto University and VTT MIKES in Finland. An article about the results was written and published in the scientific Journal of Precision Engineering.

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