Herkules Grinder used in Copper Industry
Grinding Machines in a steel mill
Farrel grinding machine in Paper Industry
Wadrich Siegen grinders in Paper Industry
Wadrich Siegen grinder in Paper Industry
Wadrich Siegen grinder in Steel Industry
Xianfeng grinder in Paper Industry

Emphasis on Internet of Things (IoT)

TEKES, The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation has awarded RollResearch with funding of an IoT development project within roll maintenance in steel mills. The funds were allocated from a special DigiBoost Fund available to companies exploring new ways of doing business utilizing various digital platforms and tools.

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Method proved

The roll measurement method developed and used by RollResearch was scientifically investigated and verified by Aalto University and VTT MIKES in Finland. An article about the results was written and published in the scientific Journal of Precision Engineering.

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RollResearch strengthens organization by hiring young talent

To meet with the increasing demand in the market place RollResearch has strengthened its organization in the head office. Mr. Vivek Dhakal and Mr. Olli Raudaskoski have joined the company as software development engineers.

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RollResearch has participated in TIM, a EURAMET funded European Metrology Research ProgramConsortium of TIM project

 With focus on training, innovations and competences TIM was a joint research project in the European metalworking sector. It targets in making corrections of geometry errors of the work piece based on in-process measurements and comparing the results with a calibration standard in the machine tool.

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RollResearch to advise on revision of ISO 1101

RollResearch has been asked to evaluate and submit an opinion of the revision of the ISO 1101 standard. ISO 1101 is about the geometrical product specifications and tolerances of form, orientation, location roundness and run-out. RollResearch’s contribution was requested on filtering of roundness measurement results.

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