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Roll Measuring Devices for Steel Industry

Two-point Roll Measuring Devices


Full automatic On-line Roll Measuring Device HYBRID ARMD2-ONLINE


  • Full automatic, motorized movements
  • The measuring device is installed on Z-carriage.
  • 2 measuring arms in tilted position
  • On-line measurement during grinding.
  • Optional crack and bruise detection.
  • Best accuracy.


Applicable for grinders:

  • Most old steel mill roll grinders.



Full automatic Roll Measuring Device HYBRID ARMD2-CP

  • Full automatic, motorized movements
  • Measuring device is mounted on X-carriage.
  • 2 measuring arms
  • Measurement in horizontal position.
  • On-line diameter measurement by one sensor, wheel side sensor is turned up during grinding


Applicable for grinders:

  • Old Waldrich grinders without measuring system.




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